Moving Tips

Pre order a mover

We hope you already contacted us and closed your move date. If you reading this in advance you should try and find, compare and pick a mover at least 4-6 weeks in advance. Best to be covered and relaxed.

Mark boxes by rooms!

packing can be a grueling process, i am always amazed at the amount of items, small and big found at an average apartment or office. Although i am a true zan master at predicting the amount of boxes a house needs, its always the amount of items that goes into those boxes that amazes me.

Nevertheless, packing is not the only step that takes a lot of time – unpacking can take just as long if not longer. One of the best tips i can give you is to write or mark boxes by rooms in your new home! this would allow our movers to unpack boxes directly into the desired room and save you a lot (and i do mean a lot) of time organizing your new home.

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Time to clean house

Moving to a new home is a great opportunity to rid ourselves of old items gathering dust for no other reason other than “i might use that some day”. Many renters like to do a yard sell and in the business world, many offices choose to donate old computers to schools and other institutions that really need it.

Make a list

Making an organized list is great! its easy to print out a numbered list with empty spaces waiting for your “to do list” which you can fill with need to notify the electicity company, the kids schoold etc. Check out our moving checklist to get some great ideas

Notify utillity provides

Notifying the right service providers and utility providers ahead a schedule is key for saving money and avoiding trouble down the road. It usually best to notify utility providers 2 weeks ahead of the move date.

Here is a list of providers you should notify:

  • Electric company
  • Water Company
  • Phone Company
  • Local Post Office
  • Cable / Satellite Provider
  • Children’s school
  • Internet Provider

Google Drive is your friend

While talking to movers, Signing a moving contract, talking to utility providers (rather announcing the move) its best to collect all those document into one folder. You can of course use a physical folder but since its 2015, i recommend you use Google Drive and collect all your documents into one organized folder which is accessible from anywhere.

Get some wardrobe boxes

The right tool can make the job easier and packing is no different. Ask our staff for some highly useful wardrobe boxes! These unique boxes are great for clothing (of course) but not only, they are a wonderful solution for packing pillows, blankets, and other fabrics you may need to pack and can save a lot of standard boxes during the packing process.