Moving Checklist

Welcome friends, in this page you will find a well thought out moving checklist you can use online in out site or alternatively print it out and use it offline when preparing to an upcoming relocation. We have been providing moving service for 15+ years and have tried to include everything needed to relocate with ease.
Status Task Responsibility of Date
We recommend you complete following tasks at least 45-60 days in advance
Contact 3 moving companies and get a moving quote __ / __
Find a great moving company __ / __
We recommend that you save all the documents (estimates, moving contract, etc.) __ / __
If your moving to a different city / state, its time to notify your children's school __ / __
If needed (see Previous Clause) - ask for and organize school records __ / __
Notify service provides such as: electric, water, gas, landline, cable... __ / __
We recommend you complete following tasks at least 45-30 days in advance
Contact us to learn more about moving supplies at discounted costs __ / __