Whats the price for packing materials?


Say i order you guys to relocate my home?would you provide me with a discount packing materials? What the price for such materials delivered to my home 2 weeks prior to the move?

Asked By Agustin
On 10-02-2015

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  • February 26, 2015

    My apologies for the delayed response, busy times here at one nation moving.
    I can only provide you with an estimate.

    each home, apartment, office or business is different and required different packing materials.

    however i do want to be forthcoming so here is a rouge estimate:
    1 bedroom – 198$
    2 bedroom – 249$
    3 bedroom – 349$

    * These prices are an estimate and may vary

    we do have a flat hourly moving rate (highly recommended – no surprise – set price) that includes labor and packing materials.

    Its best to contact us in order to get a precise pricing for your move and packing or packing materials or just the labor – which ever suits your need and budget.


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