Does your service include insurance?


hello,i have got a reference from a dear friend regarding your company services but would like know if you provide any coverage in case of damage to my furniture

anya merritt
Asked By anya merritt
On 15-12-2014

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  • December 30, 2014

    Thank you for taking the time to ask your question about moving insurance, this is a good questions because In most states, moving companies are prohibited by law from selling insurance policies

    We at One Nation Moving understand the stress that comes along with moving and the safety of your worldly possessions as you watch the crew handle and finally the truck take off with your whole world.

    All moving companies are required to have the standard liability protection of 60 cents per article per pound which is included in the moving estimate, of course you ask yourself ” is that realistic, are my household items only worth 60 cents per article?”

    This is why One Nation Moving became affiliated with where you can purchase additional moving insurance for the entire moving load or your valuable items such as antiques, pianos, pool tables, artwork etc.

    You simply go to their website at or call them at 888-893-8835 mention that you are moving with One Nation Moving and highly qualified representative will be happy to assist you.

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